Broccoli Florets

Cabbage Green Sliced

Cabbage Red Sliced

Cabbage Savoy Sliced

Cabbage Spring Sliced

Cabbage White Sliced

Carrot and Swede Baton

Carrot and Swede Diced

Carrots Peeled Whole

Carrots Baton

Carrots Diced

Carrots Grated

Cauliflower Florets

Celery Sliced

Courgettes Sliced

Leeks Sliced

Mixes Casserole

Mixes Coleslaw

Mixes Soup

Mixes Hot Pot

Mixes Stir Fry

Mushrooms Sliced

Onions Peeled Whole

Onions Diced

Onions Sliced

Parsnips Peeled Whole

Parsnips Baton

Parsnips Diced



Peppers Mixed Colour Diced

Peppers Green Diced

Peppers Yellow Diced

Peppers Red Diced

Potatoes Fondant

Potatoes Peeled King Edwards

Potatoes Maris Piper

Potatoes Nadine

Potatoes Chateaux

Potatoes Chipped

Potatoes Diced

Potatoes 1/4 Roast

Potatoes Sliced

Red Onion Whole

Red Onion Sliced

Shallots Whole

Sweet Potatoes Whole

Sweet Potatoes Diced

Swedes Baton

Swedes Diced

White Turnip Diced

Squash Butternut Peeled

Potato Wedges


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